The nanoB2A Group

The nanoB2A Group focuses on the development of photonic and nanomechanical nanobiosensor devices of high sensitivity for label-free detection; biofunctionalization of surfaces; and the integration in lab-on-a-chip microsystems for real field diagnostics applications.

What We Do

We develop biosensors based on plasmonics, evanescent wave sensing and on nanomechanical changes, with high sensitivity and selectivity.

Bioanalytical Aplications

The Bioanalytical Applications research activities cover the detection of a wide range of molecules, of high interest in diverse fields as clinical diagnostic, environmental control, genomic and proteomic, under laboratory and real conditions and using the biosensor devices developed within the Group.

Early Detection of Diseases and Pathogens

Integration of multibiosensor arrays on Lab-on-a-chip platforms will allow the early detection of diseases and pathogens (in vitro and in-vivo).

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Invited presentation at “Dissabtes de la física 2015-2016 15a Edició”

February 13th Dr. Ana Belén González will give a talk title: “La llum a la nanoescala i la seva aplicació a la biomedicina”.

Maria Soler, Doctoral Thesis Award: Pioner 2015

The Institution CERCA presented the award Doctoral Thesis Pioner 2015: Maria Aznar Soler, from nanoB2A group of Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), for the thesis: “Nanoplasmic Biosensors for Clinical Diagnosis at the Point of Care” directed by Laura M. Lechuga and Mª Carmen Estévez The jury praised the project for its high impact […]

Label-free SPR detection of gluten peptides in urine for non-invasive celiac disease follow-up

Quantitative evaluation of alternatively spliced mRNA isoforms by label-free real-time plasmonic sensing